How an 1800s Herbal Remedy Continues to Help Women Today

In the United States, over 2 million women reach menopause each year. Menopause is diagnosed after a woman goes through 12-months without a menstrual period and experiences hot flashes and emotional symptoms that disrupt sleep, lowers energy or affects emotional health. Women undergoing menstrual discomfort or menopause tend to take over-the-counter medicine such as Midol or Tylenol to relieve discomfort, but Yvette Castillo, a pharmacy tech of 18-years says health-conscious people are turning to an old herbal remedy first marketed in the US in the late 1800 by Lydia Pinkham.

Lady Pinkham’s botanical remedy was invented in 1873 in Lynn, Massachusetts. Mrs. Pinkham created the original tonic in her kitchen by mixing 20% alcohol with herbs such as black cohosh, life root, unicorn root, pleurisy room and fenugreek seed. She initially distributed the tonic to neighbors and friends, but as her remedies became popular, strangers who distrusted medications at the time began to contact her. In 1876, with her son’s help, she established the Lydia Pinkham’s Medicine Company to mass produce the popular herbal tonic still sold in stores today.

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