Your Cat’s Wild Side May Be the Reason It Hangs Out By the Sink

Capture the moment

Cat owners know most cats prefer to drink from the faucet. Maybe it’s the sound of running water they love most or maybe it’s instinct. Bengals are wild by nature so despite being domesticated, Bengals still possess their primal instincts so it’s no wonder they prefer to drink running water to stagnant water they deem unsafe.

Shoot with Depth
Shoot with depth: In this shot Bobo is in the front signaling that she wants water, while the living room is in the background. (Photo credit: Gina Castillo)

Bobo will usually have plenty of water in her bowl, but when she wants running water from the faucet, she will usually perch over the sink to signal to anyone around that it’s time for her to drink water. That’s when we let water drip for while until she feels comfortable enough to drink.

Work the Room: I took this photo behind the counter looking up at the subject to capture her looking down at the faucet as she tries to tell me something. (Photo credit: Gina Castillo)

Since she is very skittish, she won’t immediately drink water from the faucet when water is dripping unless she’s completely alone, so that’s everyone’s cue that we must leave her alone to drink in peace.

Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds: For the horizontal lines I used the top and base of the counter. For the vertical lines I used the cat/faucet and door in the background.
(Photo credit: Gina Castillo)

Now that everyone is gone, she gets in position and begins to drink water for a while. She seems to play with the water first, testing it with her paw before she puts her mouth to it.

Capture the moment
Capture the moment: Success! Even though Bobo is very skittish, she gets in position and begins to drink water. This is a tight shot of her hydrating for the day. (Photo credit: Gina Castillo)

Bobo also loves to drink water from the bathroom faucet. Here we see her in her “I’m thirsty” pose next to the bathroom sink. She really knows how to train her family to understand her cat language.

Work with Light: In this photo I used the bright light behind her to light up her face and body. (Photo credit: Gina Castillo)

Cats are supposed to drink plenty of water throughout the day especially if they eat lots of dry food. If they are not drinking water, it could be a sign of illness so make sure to monitor your cat daily. A cat’s daily water requirement depends on many factors but active kittens and elderly cats tend to need the most. In general an adult domestic cat should drink about 8 oz or 1 cup of water daily. It is imperative that you provide your cat with access to clean, fresh water all day long so let your faucet drip from time to time if you see your kitty sitting next to it.

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