Gina Boubel

Digital Media Expert

Charmed Media was founded by Gina Boubel who has over 20+ years of experience in the consumer tech space.  After serving the United States Marine Corp in Japan, Gina studied web design in Austin, TX, then moved to San Francisco, CA in 2004 where she launched one of the firsts female-led tech blog geared towards women called By mid-2005, Techie Diva was featured on the Today Show, New York Times, People Magazine, and Contra Costa Times. She later became part of Yahoo! Tech where she wrote specifically for women eager to read the latest tech news.  Gina was a weekly contributor for People Style Magazine, and has been featured in publications like CNET, GeekSugar, Family Circle, WSJ, PCMag, Blueprint and many more.


Gina has worked with many of today’s iconic brands such as Yahoo!, RingCentral, Acxiom, and Monster Products (creators of Beats by Dre). Her experience and love for content creation has led her to help brands navigate the world of digital marketing, press, branding, event planning, web design, influencer marketing, and social media. In 2016, she launched Charmed Media where she focused on PR for startups launching their products on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Together these innovative brands raised over $25M in capital to fund exciting projects such as Vinci Headphones, Joue, mCable, Mokacam, Narwahl Robotic Vacuum, and many more. By executing the right PR strategy for her clients, Gina has helped them secure coverage in publications like Forbes, CNET, TechCrunch, Engadget, Fast Company, Popular Mechanics, and many more.

Gina Boubel is available for contract work. If interested please download the resume below, and contact her at the number listed.



Charmed Media


•Proficient in Web Design, SEO/SEM, PR, Branding, Events, Influencer and Social Media Marketing. •Devise, develop and deploy high-impact public relations campaigns that encompass media relations, executive speaker placements and influencer outreach. •Develop and execute strategic partnerships to drive awareness and engagement. •Orchestrate and execute events to increase brand awareness, such as media tours, events/tradeshow activations, and interviews with journalists to support client goals and objectives. •Conceptualize and implement strategic PR and social media plans and related affiliate programs. •Spearhead, coordinate and enhance client’s social media presence in continuous evolving methodology, execution and analysis of various social media marketing programs. •Conducted Search Engine Marketing and Optimization across all paid channels (Google, Facebook). •Collect and analyze data to identify trends, competitor research, and insights to achieve max ROI. •Execute all website redesigns, layout, SEO, and sales funnels within the site.



•Formulated and executed innovative public relations, thought leadership and influence marketing campaigns to advance company mission and leadership positioning. •Served as a key contributor in development of strategic vision and PR plans to ensure visibility to crowdfunding campaigns that reached over 1M in sales on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. •Chaired both proactive and reactive media relations activities, such as fostering productive relationships with key contacts, facilitating all media requests, uncovering opportunities, crafting compelling pitches, and managing and coaching spokespeople. •Established various press materials, including press releases, media alerts, factsheets and pitches. •Orchestrated major national tradeshow participation, including identifying opportunities and supervising, as well as creating gifting suites for the brand. •Cultivated and maintained network of advocates, evangelists and fans. • Collaborated with various external agencies to drive results, obtain direct timely feedback, and monitor and analyze agency deliverables when compared to established goals and objectives. •Regulated and administered department and project budgets, evaluated appropriateness on continual basis to ensure alignment with strategic objectives. Tracked budgets, utilized key financial and operational metrics to measure performance of various campaigns and programs



•Lead strategy and execution for all social media/press communication to raise brand awareness and sales with a strong focus on building an engaged community of fans, ambassadors and partners. •Managed Global Social Media team and external PR agencies to support several product lines. •Coordinated and executed various press and social media events at major national tradeshows such as CES, CEDIA, CEWEEK, SXSW, and NAMM Show. •Fostered and maintained a strong network of brand advocates, developed community of evangelists. •Liaised with Product Managers to educate and instill social and PR strategy, created relationships with media and advocates for each company product line. •Trained internal teams on best social media practices to drive awareness, sales, and reputation. •Collaborated with celebrity ambassadors/partners including BEATS by DRE, Viacom, iHeart, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Shaq, Nick Cannon, Diesel, Qualcomm, Caesar’s Entertainment, UFC, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC brand and Adidas. Amplified Monster’s social media efforts through celebrity partners to increase fanbase.



•Lead Social Media Marketing Manager in charge of strategic social media plan and playbook. •Mentored internal teams on social media best practices to maximize brand awareness. •Online event producer at Acxiom’s Interactive Marketing Summit, GMPS, and other proprietary events. •Produced original content for social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. •Reviewed and analyzed competitor trends and activities, as well as associated user behavior. •Scrutinized all campaigns to evaluate engagement and trends. •Boosted company image on various social media platforms, tripled fans across platforms. •Launched live streaming events, short videos and interviews to increase pre-event awareness. •Developed social media strategy for Acxiom clients through collaborations with senior members. •Utilized skillset to cover conferences, including AdTech and DMA, acting as blogger, photographer, video producer, and social media manager.



•Published articles on daily basis for Yahoo!Tech column that drew 500K visits on monthly basis. •Blog ranked as one of the most visited blogs on Yahoo! •Subject matter expert on behalf of Yahoo! for tech columns published weekly on People Style Magazine, Family Circle, Oprah Magazine, and Blueprint Magazine. •Authored most popular blog posts on Yahoo! Tech which garnered millions of pageviews. •Interviewed celebrities such as James Blunt, Richard Branson and Mary J. Blige. •Contributed to various media events as panelist, judge, and host on behalf of Yahoo! Tech.



•Lead Web Designer who redesigned original website to incorporate look and feel it has today •Provided web development and maintenance services for eXtreme Fax, eXtreme Answer and Pagoo. •Conducted A/B testing for landing pages published specifically for SEM purposes. •Managed all affiliate programs, CRM emails, and newsletters with intention to drive sales and traffic. •Monitored and analyzed site changes to facilitate website traffic based on Google site metrics. •Engineered social media strategies by revamping existing corporate blog, growing fan base on social networks, and increasing activities on bookmarking sites. •Motivated and trained internal teams in best practices and activities for social media efforts. •Collaborated with Word-of-Mouth, Customer Advocacy, PR, and Search Engine Marketing teams to grow RingCentral’s brand awareness efforts.



•Introduced Techie Diva, one of only three female-oriented gadget blogs in 2005. •Controlled all site functions, including design, community development, online and video production. • Covered conferences on routine basis, such as CES, Blogher, Mobile Focus, MacWorld, and Web 2.0. •Featured in the New York Times, Today Show, CNET, People Magazine, CBS 5, Fine Living, Tech Check with Becky Worley, GeekSugar, Switched, Engadet, Gizmodo. •Designated by PC Magazine as one of the Top Undiscovered Sites in 2006. •Acted as active participant in various social media programs including Intel Insider, SXSW Social Media Club House, Dirt Devil Radio Tour, and others by Virgin America, Verizon, AT&T, and HP. •Hosted Radio Shack’s Netogether in NYC’s Times Square as part of Radio Shack’s campaign. •Served as member of Avere Group’s “Leaders to Sea” NAVY influencer program which included personalities such as Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Charlene Li, and Sara Austin. •Co-founded with members from Ubergizmo, Tech Mammas, and Lockergnome.

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